Help someone who was
willing to risk their life for yours!

While Building Your Resume

Be on a Team for Outreach to Vets.  You might spend a few hours on a weekend setting up card racks, or going out in the community putting those racks on store counters or bulletin boards.

Into Social Media?  Join our team and make a real difference!

Have Sales, Marketing, Account or Relationship Management experience or aspirations?  Your help would be invaluable in keeping colleges and organizations up to date regarding what we can do for their vets, for FREE.

Are you and Grant Writer, Fund Raiser, Researcher or Networker?  We need you!

To talk with Know A Vet?, about how you can help, please use this form, or contact us at (833) 566-9283  that’s (833) KnowAVet, ext 1
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Social Media

You can help our team in one of two ways.

  • By finding more of the hundreds of veteran’s sites that would like to know about what we offer to vets and their families.
  • Or, by taking a turn for a few hours a week, chatting and posting on those sites, to respond to questions from vets and family members, letting them know of the services available to help them through their toughest times.

You will NOT be acting as a social worker or therapist, but only as a guide to information and resources.  After full training you will be using our check lists and website to help them find the help THEY want, when and where THEY want it.  We do not make decisions or suggestions for them.  We just help them with our tools to calm the chaos of their lives and find the real professionals who can bring them long-term solutions.

Please call Know A Vet? at (833) 566-9283  that’s (833) KnowAVet ext. 1, or use this email form to talk with a Team Leader.
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We produce one of the veteran community’s finest weekly newsletters.  As an example, here is a link to our Holiday Guide

Join 20+ other team members as researchers and/or writers.  Each week we have a column especially for Post 911 vets and one for Seniors, as well as a special interest article.

They include topic groupings such as employment, education and training, finance and debt, socialization and relationships, as well as emergency situations and acclimating to civilian life.  Many of the topics are similar to those in the civilian world, but with more urgency due to the special stresses from military life.

Schedules are flexible as you will not be responsible for weekly articles but will have not only enough time to get your work done to the highest quality standards, but also ongoing mentoring from your Team Leader.

And, both the researcher and writer get bylines.  Articles are not only for our newsletters, they also become permanent parts of our website, so you will be able to link to your published work for years.


Please call Know A Vet at (833) 566-9283  that’s (833) KnowAVet ext. 1, or use this email form talk with one of our Team Leaders.
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No amount of advertising will ever replace the voice of a friend.

From talking with someone one-on–one, to talking with any group, or giving out cards with our contact information so that others who may know of a vet who is having trouble at work, or with drinking, or drugs, or pain, or making the rent, or with relationships, can pass them on.

Perhaps it is talking to your employer or school about reaching out to vets on their staff, or hiring a Vet?

  • You or we can talk with, or make presentations to groups you may be part of, such as PTA, Faith Group, Book Club, service organizations, etc., to help reach out to veterans who’ve Earned a better life.
  • Contacting stores, colleges, etc., to make appointments to talk with them
  • You can be part of our outreach team, doing data and mailing work.
  • Putting posters and business cards on a company bulletin board and in store windows. Of course the business will have pre-agreed to let you do it.
  • Your turn.  Suggest any way you can think of to get the word out that there is a better life possible for vets.


Please call Know A Vet at (833) 566-9283  that’s (833) KnowAVet ext. 1, or use this email form for suggestion on how and what to say.  You will even have our business cards to hand out so people don’t have to remember where to go.
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Funding for the outreach and information programs we do for ourselves and other organizations does NOT come from the VA.  It is all from private donations to Know A Vet.

YOU can support our work, helping those who have risked their lives to save ours and our way of life.

Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

NO monetary donations should ever be given to anyone claiming to represent Friends of the Vet Center, or Know A Vet.

Or, you can send a checks payable to and mail to:

Know A Vet

211 Hope Street, Box 698

Mountain View, CA 94042


And please remember to ask your employer if they have matching funds.  MANY companies do, and that can double your donation as well as putting  Know A Vet on their radar.  Yes, we are certified by Benevity. And our tax ID is 82-1566302

To talk with one of us, about how you can help, please use this form, or contact us at (833) 566-9283  that’s (833) KnowAVet ext 1
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If you work for a company or belong to an organization there are other ways you might be able to help.

If you go to those organizations, you may be able to promote employment or internships of veterans, or outreach and networking, sponsorship, etc.

Please look at the sections on Business, Faith Communities, Government and Educators, to see how you might be able to approach them for help.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Just call us (833) 566-9283  that’s (833) KnowAVet, ext 1, or use this email form and we will help you plan your discussion.
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