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Veterans with an Honorable Discharge have discipline, train fast and demonstrate an absolute attention to the details of their job!  After all, if they make a mistake, they or a friend may die.


Civilian jobs and careers are usually not as critical, but Vets can’t help doing them as if they were.


Hiring Vets just makes good business sense.  They are quick learners, used to working with high technology, take fewer sick days, know how to work well in groups as well as on their own, and are very comfortable with change.


Talk to The San Jose Vet Center, about how you can find just the right Vet for the job, at 408-993-0729. OR go to the Department of Labor page America’s Heroes at Work Hire a Veteran


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  1. Chances are some of you people either are, or know a Vet in their circle of family and friends.  Every contact with your people, reminding them of the Free, Confidential help available to Vets and even Active Duty military AND their family and caregivers, is a chance to significantly better their lives and that of those around them.


Please consider a Veteran’s Awareness Week. Let us give you business cards, holders and posters with our web contact and that of the San Jose Vet Center, for your bulletin boards; or any and every other way you can think of to help Veterans come in from the mostly hidden pain they suffer every day and night.  We will be happy to design and produce material for you.


  1. You or your community may be members of associations, schools, companies or other organizations.  You can invite us to speak at an event, or ask them to allow us to provide Veteran’s outreach material to them. We need every voice and heart, in order to help get the word out to every veteran from WWII to those returning today, that there is help to get back to living their healthiest, happiest, most productive life.


  1. Putting our contact info on your Vehicles as a billboard to passersby showing your support and the number to call can help.


  1. Perhaps you work with or know of soup kitchen, pantry or shelter where we can provide outreach ranging from posters to sitting and talking with people


  1. Add your own ideas here!


To talk to The Friends of The Vet Center, about how you can help, please use this form, or contact us at (833) 566-9283  that’s (833) KnowAVet
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The “Extras” that we provide for the San Jose Vet Center and other organizations does NOT come from the VA.  It is all from private donations to Friends of the Vet Center.


The staff of the San Jose Veterans Center are government employees.  They are legally prohibited from directly soliciting contributions of any kind, including the money necessary to put on up to 16 events a year we provide for them.  Those and many other programs we have developed do not fall under the strict guidelines of the VA.  But, they are all part of the extras that make the San Jose Vet Center the #1 in the country.


That work includes: providing clothing so that a Vet can go into an interview with confidence; finding temporary support in the forms of food, transportation, babysitting, computers, phones, etc.


YOU can support our work, helping those who have served, to return to civilian life!


Any amount will be greatly appreciated.


NO monetary donations should ever be given to anyone claiming to represent Friends of the Vet Center, Know A Vet, or the San Jose Vet Center itself.


 Or, you can send a checks payable to and mail to:

 Friends Of The Vet Center

 Box 698

211 Hope Street

Mountain View, CA 94042


And please remember to ask your employer if they have matching funds.  MANY companies do, and that can double your donation as well as putting Friends of the Vet Center and Know A Vet on their radar.


To talk with one of us, about how you can help, please use this form, or contact us at (833) 566-9283  that’s (833) KnowAVet
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With 16 events a year, we need volunteers to help with;


  1. Cooking
  2. Traffic Control
  3. Data Entry
  4. Office assistance, from greeting to correspondence and follow up


  1. Outreach to Vets and/or Volunteers
  2. Just about any skill you are willing to share


To talk with one of us about how you can help, please use this form, or contact us at (833) 566-9283  that’s (833) KnowAVet


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Vets returning from war need many things.


  1. You may have old laptops, rinters or computers to be recycled.  Vets would be extremely grateful for the ability to search job and training sites, health and support group websites as well as print résumés, in the privacy of their own home instead of the public library.


  1. You may have vehicles that your are retiring.  An old vehicle to you is a dream come true to a returning vet.


  1. Prepaid calling cards and gift certificates to grocery and clothing stores, even personal hygiene products and under ware, or luggage are really important to a vet in the middle of transitioning back to civilian life.


To talk with one of us about how you can help, please use this form, or contact us at (833) 566-9283  that’s (833) KnowAVet


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With all of the events and services on this site, you can see that a lot of space and resources are needed.  That will continue to grow as we develop more programs in support of veterans.


  1. Perhaps you have an extra storage area where we can store supplies between events.


  1. Perhaps you have vehicles, from golf carts to small trucks, that we can borrow for events (usually on weekends or Holidays), to move Vets from Parking lots, or transport equipment and supplies to venues.


  1. Perhaps you even have or know of a Venue with good parking, that you can get donated, or you can sponsor, for a Friday through a Sunday event?


To talk with one of us about how you can help, please use this form, or contact us at (833) 566-9283  that’s (833) KnowAVet


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