Veterans with an Honorable Discharge have discipline, train fast and demonstrate an absolute attention to the details of their job!  After all, if they make a mistake, they or a friend may die.

Civilian jobs and careers are usually not as critical, but Vets can’t help doing them as if they were.

Hiring Vets just makes good business sense.  They are quick learners, used to working with high technology, take fewer sick days, know how to work well in groups as well as on their own, and are very comfortable with change.

Talk with a KnowAVet representative about how you can find just the right Vet for the job, at 833.566.9283 ext 702. OR go to the Department of Labor page America’s Heroes at Work Hire a Veteran
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1.  Chances are some of your employees either are, or know a Vet in their circle of family and friends.  Every contact with your employees, reminding them of the Free, Confidential help available to Vets and even Active Duty military AND their family and caregivers, is a chance to significantly better their lives and that of those around them.

Please consider a Veteran’s Awareness Day. Let us do as many 20 minute on-site or e-presentations as you need to cover all your employees.  We will provide out KnowAVet? outreach cards, holders and posters as you need; and/or you can post a note on a week’s pay receipt; or in your e-newsletter; or any and every other way you can think of to help Veterans come in from the mostly hidden pain they suffer every day and night.  We will be happy to design and produce material for you.

  1. You or your company may be members of associations, schools, faith based or other organizations.  You can invite us to speak at an event, or ask them to allow us to provide Veteran’s outreach material to them. We need every voice and heart, in order to help get the word out to every veteran from WWII to those returning today, that there is help to get back to living their healthiest, happiest, most productive life.
  1. Putting our contact info on your Vehicles as a billboard to passersby showing your support can help.
  1. If you have delivery, service or sales people, allow them to carry a few of our outreach cards, in case they come in contact with a vet or their family member.
  1. If you have a retail outlet let us supply register display cardholders for a month.
  2. Add your own ideas here!

To talk with Know A Vet, about how you can help, or have us come out to talk, please use this form, or contact us at 1 (833) KnowAVet X 702.  That’s 1 (833) 566-9283  X 702.
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The “Safety Net” that Vet Centers provide for those who have volunteered to protect all we hold dear, is NOT part of their VA budget.  It primarily comes from private donations through Friends of the Vet Center, Inc. (Know A Vet)

The staff of the Vet Centers are government employees.  They are legally prohibited from directly soliciting contributions of any kind, including the money necessary to put on the 16 events a year that the San Jose Vet Center does, or the Veterans Resource Fair with 83 Service Providers and hundreds of Vets in 2017, along with other programs that do not fall under their strict guidelines of the VA.

Picture a combat vet returning home after several deployments, trying to re-integrate into a civilian life that is no longer comfortable for him/her.  You have no job, no income, you have PTSD (because no one comes home alive) you have trouble sleeping and you don’t know where or how to connect with people who have no idea who you are anymore and what you have had to do and see – for them!

The Vet Centers and the VA are wonderful, once you get through, perhaps months, to qualify.  In the meantime, and even after the VA and Vet Centers start to help, you have real-life survival issues.  If you have a kid, how do you look for a job or go to medical appointments, when you cannot afford a babysitter?  How can you go to the library to use the computers to search for work or receive emails, when you may be homeless, or you at least watching every nickel?

That’s why we have networked with literally thousands of community resources, aside from our own financial support, to provide an Individualized Safety Net for our heroes who ask us for help.

What we provide, through Vet Centers and many venues, from colleges to workplaces, coffee shops to bowling alleys, are the extras.

  • Transportation vouchers for up to a month after you find employment so you can get to interviews, work and all of the Mental and Physical health appointments you need, to get your best life back
  • Personal use of a laptop, including internet fees
  • A prepaid phone so you have a stable way to be found and reach out
  • Food vouchers, if needed, until you can get set up
  • Child care services, so you can take an interview or appointment any time or day
  • and more.

Your financial support of these services is critically needed to help our returning vets and turn the tide of 22 veteran suicides a day!

This work also includes: training and providing veteran advocates; outreach with politicians and other groups to advocate for more housing; providing clothing so that a Vet can go into an interview with confidence; as well as creating and operating major FREE Veteran Events, and having materials to support our constant outreach.

To support all these programs please make checks payable to and mail to:

Friends of the Vet Center

211 Hope Street

P. O. Box 698
Mountain View CA 94042

You can also support our Veteran’s Safety Net Programs by credit card

We are a non-profit corporation registered in California.  EIN 82-1566302



how about sponsoring an event?  Give us a ring at 833.566.9283 X 702 and let’s discuss the options.