How do you feel about the shooting of Congresspersons? SCREAM BACK AT ME!

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Someone very close to me put out a Facebook statement in relation to the shooting of Republicans at a baseball field. I’d like to share it with you and get your thoughts and comments.

Preface: From The New York Times Evening Briefing of June 30, 2017, “ In Chicago, a new task force will tackle gun-related crimes. More than 760 people were shot and killed there last year, the most of any American city.”

“I am appalled that so much coverage is given to this DC shooting when so little is given to many times more who are killed and injured on a daily basis in Chicago and other cities.  These are the same people who have no compunction about sending young troops to their death and dismemberment because of their lack of knowledge of what they are doing and the use of “all other means”, first.  If this brings home to them, the horrors that their actions and inactions cause others to face constantly, here and around the world, maybe something good can come out of these senseless acts. Otherwise the beat goes on.”

What’s Your Take?



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