KAV recommends that you Go To Your Local Veterans Service Office (VSO).  They get you ALL the compensation, treatment, benefits and services you’ve EARNED for yourself AND your family.  It’s FREE.  Our local VSO files 95% of their claims on line, with 94% approvals in about 6 weeks. Find your VSO using the search, above.


Whether with the help of a Live Vet CHAMPION
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Let’s Get You Started To A Much Better Life!


We are combat vets, too.  We know it can take years to reintegrate into an unstructured, clueless civilian society. WE CAN HELP MAKE IT SMOOTHER AND FASTER for you, because we’ve been there!

Aside from all the detailed information and videos on this site, we have created a CHAMPION PROGRAM.  When you are ready to get started re-establishing a better life for yourself, one of us will stand with you to help get you where you want to go.  

Start with an easy choice.  Would you like to use our self help step by step online “Future Builder”.  If so, click here.  

If you would rather work with one of us by your side, literally, over the phone or online, click here.

Don’t worry, you can click to request a CHAMPION‘s help now, or at any other time, if you start on the do-it-yourself route.

I didn’t get the help I deserved for 40 years.  I want you to start having a life without flashback, dreams, guilt, in control of PTSD, having a great family life, with less stress at work, too.  But much quicker.

We are here to help.  Let’s start NOW.


Know A Vet? presents this information and these national resource directories, not as a recommendation of any specific service or provider, but as a starting point for your own research.

Please feel free to use the check sheets Before, During and After the Medical Appointment at https://www.knowavet.org/before-during-and-after-a-medical-appointment/and Choosing a Medical Service Provider, at https://www.knowavet.org/choosing-a-medical-service-provider/, to help you in your search for the best help for your individual circumstances.

In addition, there may be other federal, state and local government or private resources for your individual needs.  A VSO counselor https://www.knowavet.org/office-of-vet-services/  may be able to help you find them.

While we strongly urge you to take advantage of all you have earned through your service, we understand there are many reasons why you may prefer non-VA service providers. Here are some places to start:

A better life is here!

Our SELF-HELP page has
80+ vital services for you.





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