You can boost your resume with real world experience while

helping a vet who risked their life for yours


PLEASE HELP give a vet their best Civilian life!

To volunteer call – 1 833-566-9283 X 702
or use the Volunteer Form

We need some interns

To make KAV even better!


KnowAVet News

We have researchers doing web research on literally 100+ topics that help people in their real day to day life.  With 100+ topics we need lots more web researchers.  Your team is friendly and all virtual. – Make your own hours minimum 3 per week for the weeks you work.

Website updating

This site constantly needs to be updated with new pages and content, to include more links, show our current focus on advocacy, encourage KnowAVet News subscriptions and donations to help veterans. And, it has to grab the attention of vets like yourself. Timing: This is an ongoing team program – Make your own hours minimum 3 per week but you do not have to work each week.

Physical Outreach

When and where it is safe, we have material to go on bulletin board, near cash registers, etc. letting vets know of available help. You can join our volunteer ground team and get our material into stores, bars, ERs, kitchens, shelters, schools, etc. Timing: This is an ongoing individual program – Make your own hours minimum 3 per week for the weeks you can.


Reach out to your buddies. Look at the chart on our Home Page and you’ll see that there is no vet who cannot find several issues they can be helped with. Spread the word through your own network that we exist and Free help is available for the asking, including a Champion to get them through the information maze.  Timing: There is no specific timing on this just reach out when you want to help a buddy.