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Why I say Huh!? 

Understanding Your Vet

No matter when, where, or how they served, or what they’ve experienced in military or civilian life, they may be facing challenges that affect their health, relationships, and life – as well as yours. Whether their military role ended two decades ago or two days ago, they share with Veterans everywhere the common bonds of duty, honor, and service to our nation. Every day, Veterans connect with resources and support to manage and confront the issues they may have and find solutions for improving their lives.


Unsure How To Connect Your Veteran With Support?

Resources for Family and Friends

Coaching Into Care – This VA program provides guidance for helping family members encourage their Veterans to get on a better track. Free, confidential assistance is available by calling 1-888-823-7458 or emailing [email protected]http://www.mirecc.va.gov/coaching/

VA Caregiver Support – The VA Caregiver Support Program offers training, educational resources, and a variety of tools to help you succeed. Call the Caregiver Support Line at 855–260–3274 for advice on being a caregiver. https://www.caregiver.va.gov/

National Center for PTSD: Help for Family and Friends – The National Center for PTSD provides information about the effects of Veterans’ trauma on their families, children, relationships, and communities, as well as resources and support to help Veterans and their family members and friends to respond and cope with those effects. https://www.ptsd.va.gov/public/family/resources_family_friends.asp

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In addition to the above, there may be additional Federal, State and Local Government resources for you.  

Go to our Landing Page and check all the boxes of issues you want the help you've Earned.  Enter your zip code in the box at the bottom, press "search" and you will see the Local Community service providers for your issues, in additional to your local VSO and other government resources.

Be sure to check off the "Claims and Appeals" box to maximize your compensation and benefits for yourself and your loved ones.

It's your turn to get your best life back!  You've EARNED it with your service!

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