Tapping VA Resources to Overcome Homelessness Veterans who faced homelessness describe their experiences in restoring stability to their lives. The circumstances that left them with no place to live vary. Yet each took advantage of resources that help Veterans find counseling, support, work solutions, and housing. Reaching out for support was a sign of strength … Read more

Financial Issues

Help with Financial Challenges Many Veterans transition back to civilian life with few, if any, problems. Others may find the change difficult and may even get into financial trouble related to a variety of issues including anger or drug and alcohol use. For the Veterans in this video, these experiences provided an opportunity to improve. … Read more

Family Relationships

Taking Steps to Improve Relationships The experiences of military life can affect veterans in ways that may impact their relationships. In these videos, veterans talk about working through problems with their friends and loved ones and finding solutions that benefit everyone. Related Videos 5 Videos Taking the first step to improve relationships 3:21 Reconnecting with … Read more

Emotional Injury

Recovering from Emotional Injury Having the deep emotional scars, the pain, anxiety, sleeplessness and nightmares, the watchfulness and isolation that no one sees… feeling the stigma many Vets think goes along with asking for help…carrying the guilt and stress is all natural. You deserve better. You’ve earned it. Come in from the pain. As soon … Read more

Family and Friends

Table of Contents Support from Family and Friends Family members and friends play a critical role in a Veteran’s life, especially during difficult times. Support is available every day for Veterans, service members, caregivers, and their families and friends to connect them with the resources they need to improve their lives. Whatever issues you and … Read more