I am a Veteran.  There, I said it! I am proud of my military service but for a long time, I hadn’t considered myself a Veteran. Yes, I’m there somewhere. I always felt safe with these guys. About a year after returning from deployment, I retired from the California Army…...

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Military Transition-Career Management: American Job Centers

  Military transition is difficult enough when returning to civilian life.  Imagine what that translates to when it comes to employment search.  Do you know what your Military Occupation Specialty/Military Occupation Code (MOS/MOC) translate to in a civilian job?  Have you gone through the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) before you…...

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Why Is the Suicide Rate Higher with Female Veterans?

I was sitting in at a discussion on military resources recently, when someone asked for the reason why the risk of suicide rate for female veterans is 250 percent higher than the civilian women.  The discussion continued, but my first thought was, I’m a female combat veteran why don’t you…...

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