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Attract, Inform, and Connect with Senior Citizens to Build a Better Life Seniors Help for our senior citizens Getting Started Family Help from families and friends Family and Friends Support Ways to support KnowASenior Volunteer or Donate

Many Ways to Help

Table of Contents Whether you are an individual, business, governmental entity, educational organization, faith-based organization, family member, friend, or co-worker of a Veteran, you can make a profound difference in the quality of life, and perhaps even life itself, of a Veteran. Employment or Internships Veterans with an Honorable Discharge have discipline, train fast, and … Read more

Self Care

Table of Contents Resources for Self Care KnowAVet presents this information and these national resource directories, not as a recommendation of any specific service or provider, but as a starting point for your own research. Coaching Into Care – This VA program provides guidance for helping family members encourage their Veterans to get on a … Read more

What We Do

Table of Contents Our Purpose Our purpose is to help Veterans and their families take the actions they need to get to their best life after military service. We do this via: Physical and online outreach. This website, with detailed information on over ninety issues, hundreds of videos, and links to thousands of local resources. … Read more

Board of Directors

Our All-volunteer Board Neil Lichtman – CEO and Founder Disabled Combat Veteran, Management Consultant, Retired NYU Professor, Founder of People to People Vito Scarnecchia – Board President Real Estate Agent serving Veterans, CEO of Abitano Group Neil Lichtman – Board Secretary Disabled Combat Veteran Spouse, Director of Volunteers and Events Cole Cameron – Board Treasurer … Read more

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Attract, Inform, and Connect with Military Veterans to Build a Better Life Veterans Help for U.S. military veterans Getting Started Family Help for families and friends Family and Friends Support Ways to support KnowAVet Volunteer or Donate

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Toxic Exposures

Guide to Toxic Exposure for Veterans This guide provides information and resources for veterans who may have been exposed to toxic substances during their military service. Table of Contents Toxic Exposure Checklist The PACT Act Determining Exposure Important Deadlines for PACT Act Benefits Agent Orange: A Toxic Legacy Burn Pits: The New Agent Orange? Resources … Read more

Veterans Service Organizations

Getting Local Help You can always file a claim online with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). However, you should also consider the range of free services from your county Veterans Service Organization (VSO). They are trained and certified to interview you and find all of what you and your family have earned through your … Read more

Skills Training for Veterans

Unlocking Opportunities: Free Skills Training for Veterans Whether unemployed, underemployed, or seeking a career change, it’s helpful to know that some organizations offer free skills training to Veterans. Such organizations respect the service and sacrifices made by Veterans, and the traits that make Veterans great additions to civilian work teams. They know the value that … Read more