September 2017 Newsletter

Volume 1                                                                                                                                                                                               Issue 5

We are Transitioning

One comment at a board meeting changed the way we deliver our services. “If I need a job now, a Fair in November does not help!”

That caused us to rethink our plans, and with the help of the City of San Jose Government, we are now teamed up with work2future, nPower and others for the training, job and career help you need now.  

In line with that, before the end of the year, our monthly Newsletter will be replaced by a weekly “SV Vets Now” email.  It will have:

  • Vet Friendly job openings in the Valley, right now, plus
  • Free Vet training opportunities, both on site and on line, with courses ranging from beginner level language to management skills for high tech from renowned schools including MIT.  
  • Vets Now will also include information on Free classes given by local colleges so that returning vets can get the feel of going back for a degree, without putting up a penny.  
  • In addition we will be posting all of the events and sessions offered by the San Jose Vet Center each week.
  • We will also have the updates you’ve seen in our prior newsletters such as new lists of Presumptive illnesses, as we become aware of them.
  • Tell us what else you want and it will be in there too.

We hope you not only look it over, but pass it on so that your buddies sign up for Vets Now, too.

Vet Friendly Jobs and Events

work2future is pleased to let you know about upcoming job events, opportunities, and announcements offered by work2future and our regional partners.

Workshops Available
Sign Up for Free Introductory Courses with Metrix Learning

Job Postings:
First Shift Kettle Cook Kettle Cuisine (NEW)
Florist Kendal (NEW)
Seasonal First Shift Kettle Cook Kettle Cuisine (NEW)
Seasonal First Shift Prep Cook Kettle Cuisine (NEW)
Seasonal Second Shift Prep Cook Kettle Cuisine (NEW)
Seasonal Second Shift Kettle Cook Kettle Cuisine (NEW)
Second Shift Kettle Cook Kettle Cuisine (NEW)
Second Shift Prep Cook Kettle Cook (NEW)
Multiple Positions Arco 
Multiple Positions City of San Jose (NEW)
Multiple Positions Edible Arrangements (NEW)
Multiple Positions Safeway 
Multiple Positions Teledyne (NEW)
Packaging Operator Kettle Cuisine (NEW)
Pest Control Termite Technician
Travel Sales Specialist Classic Vacations (NEW)
Tutor Union City (NEW)
Warehouse Associate Aerotek (NEW)

8-29-17 Comcast 
8-30-17 Employment Connections Job Fair 
9-7-17 Vi Job Fair (NEW)
Lusamerica Fish (NEW)
9-10-17 Construction Job Fair (NEW)
9-12-17 Spectrum (NEW)
9-13-17 Macys (NEW)
9-19-17 Alameda County Career Expo (NEW)
9-19-17 Transportation Security Administration (NEW)
9-20-17 New Seasons 
9-28-17 Ohlone College Career Fair (NEW)

In This Issue


We are Transitioning

How we are becoming more relevant to what you need Now!


Vet Friendly Jobs and Events

Tons of Jobs from companies who want to hire more vets.


Understanding PTSD

An editorial from Jerry Donnellan with Recommendations all vets can agree on.


Issue of the Month – PTSD

A full presentation, including videos of vets getting better, from the site.


Vietnam War Commemoration

You may want to tell your story, or hear others.


Give Us A Hand

PLEASE help us help current vets have a better future, faster than we did.


Understanding PTSD

Many of the people treating combat soldiers for PTSD may not really understand PTSD, and don’t have a clue about combat.  Therefore, they are turning away as many troops as they may be seeing.  The Rand corporation just released a study reported by Tom Vander Brooke in USA Today – August 7th, 2017 issue. According to the Rand Corporation “immediate action should be removal of firearms.”

In combat your weapon becomes part of you, you’re with people who love you and would die for you, who are also armed. When you come back to this Alien world were you don’t fit — where people aren’t even willing to give you a parking space let alone their lives — you don’t feel comfortable.  Now you run into this nice person who has no idea where you have been for the past year, and is sure to drive the majority of troops away.

Those who do comply will turn in their registered weapon right after they secure an illegal, untraceable one, that they don’t tell anyone about.

One of the other old tricks is the medication, Benzodiazepine.  However, it ”can interact badly with alcohol.”  Well, if you didn’t drink before combat, you will after, take it from the horse. I did an extensive study on the subject!

The Pentagon weighed in on this with “we remain committed,” and perhaps they should be. The Department of Defense could have put a major dent in this issue by just using the last month of the troops’ enlistment to do a reverse basic training, to prepare them to go back into civilian life.

And do that with counselors and doctors who are also combat veterans.  See that they get their veterans benefits and everything else they’re entitled to before they just walk out the door, which is pretty much the case now.

I’m guessing the average person assumes that one goes from the military directly into the Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare system. All that’s simply not the case.  Once one leaves the military they have to be proactive and enroll in the VA system. I have friends from Vietnam who still aren’t enrolled in the system because of the lack of trust.

I know people want to help and God bless them for it, but as long as they’re treating veterans like lab rats, there will be a resistance.

Maybe it’s time to ask the rats, or at least see that the PhD’s have C.I.B.s — because without that there is this condescension that keeps the vets away.   If not, we wouldn’t be looking at 22 a day in terms of suicide, and 300 on death row.   Jerry Donnellan / e-mail:

Issue of the Month – PTSD

Veterans on a path to recovery.

The section under the “Welcome Tab” above, on PTSD, includes 4 videos of real vets who have been helped, along with definitions, symptoms and most importantly What You Can DoTo Do To Get Relief Right Now.  It starts off with the following:

Hear honest and candid descriptions from Veterans of what life was like for them with PTSD. A variety of Veterans—men and women, younger and older—share their emotions, actions, and symptoms; how they learned they had PTSD; and what they did to get on a path to recovery.

Do yourself a favor, and click.


Vietnam War Commemoration 

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, we are losing over 500 of our Vietnam veterans each day.  Since 2013, the Vietnam War Commemoration’s History and Legacy Branch (H&L) has been conducting video-recorded oral history interviews to capture the memories of our Vietnam veterans.  The mission of the H&L Branch is to provide the American public with a clearer understanding of and appreciation for the service and sacrifice of our Vietnam veterans, and to tell the story about their service during that period of our nation’s history.

Click here  to read the latest SITREP, which highlights the oral history project and how you can participate:

PLEASE Give Us A Hand

Know A Vet is a new, non-profit charity in CA to help returning Combat Vets reintegrate into civilian life after Years of Horrific experiences.

Our team is working with many organizations from Colleges to Google, providing Food, Transportation, Childcare, a Computer, a Phone and Advocates, so Vets can get the help they need to get back on their feet. The picture below shows some of the issues these heroes face.

There are lots of ways You can help. Take a look at

 YOU Can Help Save ONE

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