We have several programs for Schools and Scouts to learn about and help veterans to their best life.


Our longest runnning program, that makes veterans feel appreciated, gives them information on how to have their best life after service, and engages the community as well as the kids, is our “Helping Kids Helping Vets”.  Over the last four years approximately 1,000 Scouts and School kids have felt good about making others feel good.  Learn how easy it is for you to get your kids involved, with KAV doing all the logistics and even providing all the supplies for FREE, by clicking here.

Our latest program, done completely on line, with is our Covid response.  “From The Kids of Silicon Valley, CA – To Our Heroes, The Men and Women Who Risk Their Health To Save Our Lives.”  You can find samples of the cards the kids made at Kids Covid Cards.  KAV has committed to distributing 100,000 cards to Healthcare Workers, First Responders, Volunteers, Essential Workers and people more isolated than usual.


Another of our programs includes reaching out to the community to place “Know A Vet?” cards in libraries, stores, and other places kids would normally go.  It takes almost no time out of their weekend and almost no work for you, as KAV does all the logistics for you.  For more information, please contact [email protected] 833-566-9283 ext 704


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