Greetings Know A Vet Members

KAV News is now weekly, with:   FIX THIS

  • Free training opportunities, both on site and on line, with courses ranging from beginner level language to management skills for high tech from renowned schools including MIT.  
  • KAV News also includes information on Free classes given by local colleges so that returning vets can get the feel of going back for a degree, without putting up a penny.  
  • Freebees and discounts at local and national stores and events
  • In addition we will be posting events and sessions offered by the San Jose Vet Center and our Santa Clara VSO.
  • We will also have the updates you’ve seen in our prior newsletters such as new lists of Presumptive illnesses, as we become aware of them.
  • Tell us what else you want and it will be in there too.

We hope you not only look it over, but pass it on so that your buddies sign up for KAV News, too.

We need your help to help.

Please ask all of your buddies, significant others, family and friends, co-workers and strangers on the street, Facebook and all your social media, to sign up for KAV News.

Whether you know a vet trying to get back on their feet, or one who wants their best life after deployment, let them know of KAV News and this site.  

They will thank you!  And I thank you for following our tradition of service to our country!  Let us know how we can be of service to you or topics you want covered in the future!


Neil Lichtman   [email protected]
Founder, Know A Vet?