It’s Tough Getting Started

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The word we hear most often, especially from post 9/11 Vets, when we talk of getting to a better life, is “overwhelming”.

Veterans Administration (VA) alone has so many sites and so much information that even without adding in all the local resources available for help, we agree it can easily be overwhelming. That’s partly why we built the Know A Vet? (KAV) site – as a portal to make it easier to understand the issues affecting us and how to get the help we want and need.

If you use our SELF-HELP page and you want to work with your Primary Care Provider (PCP), all you need to do is print the home page and circle the issues you want help with.  Just give that to your PCP and they will be able to set up the referrals to the specialists you need.

If you don’t have a Primary Care Provider, and want one from the VA, our zip code locator will find you your local Veterans Service Office (VSO).

For most of us, when we are told to register with the VA we have no idea ‘for what’.  Your local VSO will interview you (and if appropriate, your family) to determine All of the options you can qualify for, not just the obvious PTSD or TBI.

KAV recommends that you go to your local Veterans Service Office (VSO).  They can file for ALL the compensation, treatment, benefits, and services you’ve EARNED THROUGH YOUR SERVICE, for yourself AND your family. It’s FREE.  Our local VSO files 95% of their claims online, with 94% approvals in about 6 weeks.   Find your VSO with our zip code locator.

One of the “shocking” things we’ve found out is that about half of all Veterans never even apply for the benefits they have earned – some because they just hate the government, some because they feel lucky they are OK and don’t want to diminish the funds available to their fellow Vets.  In colleges and universities in California, where we are based, approximately 50% of vets don’t even take their VA benefits to pay for school.  And, because of a lack of guidance, many of those who do, take them at the wrong time so they lose out on their maximum benefits.

Champion Program

If the reason you aren’t taking advantage of all you’ve earned is that you are overwhelmed, under-informed, or just don’t have the time to research it, we have good news for you.  Know A Vet? has Champions available to help you, for FREE, whenever and wherever you are ready.

Our Champions will help you navigate the Know A Vet?  site and all the options, so you get what you want, and what you need, when and in the way you want it. Our Champions will NOT make decisions for you. They will NOT advise you as to what is best for you. They will simply help you understand your options and help you set your own priorities, so you get where you want to go faster.

We do not act as medical, legal, or financial experts, because we are not.  But we will help you navigate options and help you learn how to develop the right questions, take notes, and set up your next steps (follow-up) to keep you growing to your best life after service. Once you are confident in your path, we will drop away, keeping in touch only when you want us, wishing you all the success in the world.

So go to our SELF-HELP page and when you’ve decided on the items you would like to improve in your life, if you would like a Champion to walk with you along your path for a little while, just fill out this form, submit it, and one of us will be in touch within 24 hours.


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