2019 Cards Done By School Kids and Scouts

While the messages are a testiment to the teachers in Silicon Valley, I am amazed at the incredible breadth of graphic imagination these young artists display.  Enjoy.  If you are a vet, I know you will.

A FREE KAV Program for Schools and Scouts

Kids are naturally curious about who is in their community, including veterans.  Ours program expands on their curiosity, helping kids and veterans alike.

If you are interested in helping your youngsters learn a little about who veterans are and how they have selflessly served to keep our country safe and ours freedoms secure, then we have a completely FREE program, matured over years, to be interesting and easy for kids, very easy for you and of lasting value to vets and their families!

Know A Vet? (KAV) supplies everything from coloring cards and crayons to suggested YouTube videos to start your class off, as well as all of the logistics.  So, all you have to do is teach and lead.  Take a look at the letter to Educators, examples of previous cards, video suggestions, and letter to parents, all below, to see how it works.

Then, call Sharyle at KAV (833) 566-9283 X 704 and she’ll arrange everything for you.

Dear Educator,

Thank you for your interest in participating in Know A Vet?’s (KAV) “Helping Kids Helping Vets” Thank You For Your Service card program, designed to both thank and help our nation’s heroes.

This program is much more than an emotional thank you to our vets.  It also gives them information that can help them, and their families have their best lives after service.

www.KnowAVet.org created the first website to put together detailed information on 80+ issues vets face, as well as where to get help with those issues, including the only database of every Federal, State and County service for vets, by zip code.

How the program works:

KAV supplies everything, (cards & markers), and handles all logistics FREE.
 copy or make your own “Thank You” cards.  They are NOT a stand-alone program.

  1. Kids learn about veterans and their family’s sacrifice for our country from videos that set up your lesson on Veterans Day, etc. and your subject material.  (You can choose a Video from the list of suggestions below, or anywhere you wish.)

  • The card itself helps vets, and families feel appreciated, but that is only part of the purpose.

  • The Back of the cards serves the greater purpose of helping them realize they can have a much better life by reaching out for more help.

  • The program also includes a letter to parents, encouraging them to share KAV’s web address with vets in their family, or who they know at work, church, club, organization, etc.  It also encourages their participation in your veterans appreciation efforts.  A draft suggestion is below.

  • Also available are “Thank you for your Sacrifice” cards.  These are designed for the family members who supported our vets.  They sacrificed also, especially if their vet was deployed.  They are especially appreciated by other youngsters who regularly move and have to change schools.

Once KAV collects the cards they will be distributed to veterans at veterans’ hospitals, on parade routes, clinics, etc.

Thank you for helping those who have served us, to reach a better life.



Neil Lichtman
Founding Director
Know A Vet?
211 Hope Street – P. O. Box 698
Mountain View, CA 94042
833 566-9283 X 702

KnowAVet? is an IRS approved (82-1566302), FREE service to veterans and our families.  We provide information and personal assistance, to aid veterans in learning of 80+ issues we have earned help for, and how to get that help, through government and/or community resources, for our best possible life after service.

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Suggested videos for kids to learn about Veterans


What is Veterans Day? What is Armistice Day?  3 min


Remembrance Day   4 min


Sesame Street Veterans Day Greeting   :48


What is Veterans Day: Tribute Celebration   5:45


teaching young people what veterans do for the community.   3:37


School class Veterans day song   2:38


Same song, with flag only.  AND subtitles   2:38


Music and images.  Can be watched in segments – emotional   15:00


Music and images.  Emotional   4:50

Draft Suggestion for a Letter to Parents/Guardians

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We’re learning something new!

Because of the upcoming holiday, we are learning about veterans and making them “Thank You For Your Sacrifice” cards, to be delivered to them and their families at Veterans Administration hospitals (VA), parades, clinics, and other places.

What makes this program unique is that it includes a message from Know A Vet? (KAV), an IRS recognized charity that makes veterans and those who care for them, aware of more than 80 topics to help them to their best life after serving our country.

Their website, www.KnowAVet.org includes the only database of every Federal, State and County service, by zip code, so veterans and their families know how to access help on all 80+ topics, even from non-governmental providers.

Do you have any vets in your family?  No matter where they are in the US, they will appreciate it if you pass along www.KnowAVet.org to them.  How about at work or any group you belong to.

Please join us in helping those who serve and served our Nation to a better life.  And if you want to help distribute cards, just call Sharyle at KAV (833) 566-9283 X 704.

In case you would like to view some of the videos we might be using in our class, they are on back.

Thank you for the privilege of working with your child.

Cards Kids Have Done For Vets