Individual and Group Counseling

Vet Centers, VA Hospitals and Mental Health clinics offer both individual and group counseling, in addition to MANY other types of therapy. Each has it’s own type of benefits for you.   If you do not want free help from the government, there are plenty of options in your local community that you can find under the topic headings on the SELF-HELP page.

Below, as an example, is a list of the types and frequencies of sessions that were typically available at the San Jose Vet Center, each month.

There were other sessions and activities as well, that were scheduled less frequently, or seasonally.

But you can’t just walk in off the street.  To participate in these types of sessions call or visit your primary or specialty care provider, for an initial talk about your needs and a referral.

    • AA – 4 times a month
    • Anger Management – 14 times a month
    • Benefits – 4 times a month
    • Couples Counseling – 5 times a month
    • Depression – 4 times a month
    • Hear & Now Group – once a month
    • HUD/VASH (Housing) – 4 times a month
    • MOVE (living a healthy life) – 4 times a month
    • Music APP – twice a month
    • Peer/Empowerment – once a month
    • PTSD – 26 times a month
    • Significant Other – twice a month
    • Seeking Safety  – 6 times a month
    • WW II – twice a month







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Other Resources

In addition to the above, there may be additional Federal, State and Local Government resources for you.  Your counselor, especially if s/he is a VSO counselor should be able to able to help you find them.
Learn more about what it feels like to live a better life.  Go to our "Self-Help page" to begin to explore other issues that can bring you All The Way Home.
Be sure to check out the "Claims and Appeals" topic to maximize your compensation and benefits for yourself and your loved ones.
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