Veterans Services Organizations (VSOs)

You can file a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) online. But you SHOULDN’T! Instead, take advantage of the free services of your county VSO. They are trained and certified to interview you and find ALL of what you and your family have earned through your service – even if you’ve served in peacetime and never left the states. They file your claim for you, using the catch phrases the VA looks for to approve (or deny) your claim.

In addition, most VSOs will know of additional services available from your local governments and nonprofits. For instance, California offers home loan assistance that is 15 times that of VA. Plus your children can go to California state colleges for free.

Use our Veteran Service Offices (VSOs) locator to find your state VSO. State VSOs will also offer contact information for various county and local VSO offices as well.

Other VSOs

If you don’t have a county-run VSO close to you, search for Other VSOs such as VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), DAV (Disabled American Veterans) and others. When you find an organization you like, you can get in touch to see if they have services in your area.

Veterans Affairs Facilities

Use our VA Facilities locator to find VA facilities in your local area. The locator searches the Department of Veterans Affairs database for healthcare facilities, benefits facilities, and Vet Centers. You can search within a zip code, within 90 minutes estimated drive time of a zip code, or within 90 minutes of a specific street address. You can also use the locator to list all VA facilities in a state.

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