Family members and friends play a critical role in a Veteran’s life, especially during difficult times. Whatever issues you and your loved one may be dealing with, and however long they’ve been going on, you are not alone. Support is available every day to Veterans, Service Members, Caregivers, and their families and friends to help them connect with resources for managing life’s challenges and finding solutions that improve their lives.

Reintegration into civilian life is hard. Going from a structured, supportive environment where everything is provided, and you know exactly what to do and what the rules are, to an non-supportive, competitive environment where there is little structure and lots of options, can be overwhelming.

How well and how fast a Veteran recovers, from seen and unseen wounds, depends greatly on whether s/he gets support from family, friends and professionals.  However, that support should not come at the expense of that family or friend’s own health and welfare.

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Also, go to the Self-Help Page and check for the unresolved issues in your lives. Put your zip code in and we will give you options on where to get local help, whether from the VA, other federal, state or local government agencies OR from non-governmental, community resources.

Relationships have a major impact on life

If you are dealing with family and relationship challenges, there are services and resources for You and your Veteran that can help. It can get better.


Know A Vet? presents this information and these national resource directories, not as a recommendation of any specific service or provider, but as a starting point for your own research.

Please feel free to use the check sheets Before, During and After the Medical Appointment at Choosing a Medical Service Provider, at, to help you in your search for the best help for your individual circumstances.

In addition, there may be other federal, state and local government or private resources for your individual needs. A VSO counselor  may be able to help you find them.

While we strongly urge you to take advantage of all you have earned through your service, we understand there are many reasons why you may prefer non-VA service providers. Here are some places to start:

Resources for Family and Friends

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Learn more about what it feels like to live your best life. Go to our Self-Help Page to explore other issues that can bring you "All The Way Home".

Also, check out the Claims and Appeals topic to maximize compensation and benefits for yourself AND your loved ones.

It's your turn to get your best life back! You EARNED it with your service!