If you are being threatened, abused or hurt:

GET TO SAFETY IMMEDIATELY (a police station, fire house, hospital, house of worship, school, someplace where there is a crowd)


CALL 911

DO NOT RETURN.  GO TO A SHELTER.  To find one CLICK here, check the box for Domestic Violence and enter your zip code at the bottom of the page.  In less than a minute from clicking the search button you will have a list of shelters and help organizations in your zip code.

You Will Get Counseling And Services, In The Safety Of People Who Care, Even If You Have No Money Or Way To Earn A Living.


National Domestic Violence Hotline – (800) 799-7233
If you are experiencing abuse, call the national hotline at (800) 799-7233. They provide information on local resources to help victims find a path to safety, independence, and healing from abuse. Call and speak up for yourself or for someone who can’t.
Immediate Danger
If you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1.
What is Domestic Violence?
Domestic Violence is a pattern of coercive tactics used by one person to establish and maintain power and control over the victim. The coercive tactics can include:
• emotional abuse
• psychological abuse
• economic abuse
• physical abuse
• sexual abuse
In other words, abuse is any behavior that seeks to deprive its victim of the independence
and respect that the abuser demands for him/herself in the relationship.
The Warning Signs of Abuse
Ask yourself – does your intimate partner…
• Isolate you from family and friends?
• Put you down?
• Try to control what you do, spend, say or wear?
• Deny you access to money or financial assets?
• Blame you for everything wrong in the relationship?
• Accuse you over and over of being unfaithful?
• Force you into sex when—or in ways—you don’t like?
• Threaten you, the children, family, pets — or self?
• Shove, hit, kick, bite, slap, punch or hurt you?
If any of this is happening to you, reach out for help.
Call the hotline at (800) 799-7233.
You are not alone.
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