The San Jose Vet Center Is The #1 Vet Center In The Nation!  Please click on the menu at the top to see all the issues the VA and The San Jose Vet Center can help with.   And learn more at the WELCOME HOME Vets page.



If you are a Co-Worker of a Vet, an Employee of a company, or member of any Faith based or other Group, you have lots of ways to help vets to a better place in life, and maybe even save a marriage or a life itself.




With 16 events a year, we need volunteers to help with;

  • Cooking
  • Traffic Control
  • Data Entry
  • Office assistance, from greeting to correspondence and follow up
  • Outreach to Vets and/or Volunteers
  • Just about any skill you are willing to share

To talk with The Friends of The Vet Center, about how you can help, please use this form, or contact us at 845-300-2170

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No amount of advertising will ever replace the voice of a friend.

From talking with someone one-on–one, to talking with any group, or giving out cards with the San Jose Vet Center contact information so that others who may know of a vet who is having trouble at work or with drinking or drugs or pain or making the rent or with relationships, can pass them on.

Perhaps it is talking to your employer or school about reaching out to vets on their staff, or hiring a Vet?

  • You or we can talk with, or make presentations to groups you may be part of, such as PTA, Faith Group, Book Club, service organizations, etc., to help reach out to veterans who deserve a better life.
  • Contacting stores, colleges,, etc., to make appointments to talk with them.
  • Putting posters in store windows
  • You can be part of our outreach team, doing data and mailing work, or speaking with groups, businesses, or faith based organizations.
  • Putting posters and business cards on a company bulletin board and tracking them for refills. Of course the business will have already agreed to let you do it.
  • Your turn.  Suggest any way you can think of to get the word out that there is a better life possible for vets.

Please call the Friends of the San Jose Vet Center at 845-300-2170 or send us this email form, for suggestion on how and what to say.  You will even have our business cards to hand out so people don’t have to remember where to go.

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The “Extras” that the San Jose Vet Center does for those who have volunteered to protect all we hold dear, is NOT part of their VA budget.  It is all from private donations to their “event” account at the Palo Alto VA.

The staff of the San Jose Veterans Center are government employees.  They are legally prohibited from directly soliciting contributions of any kind, including the money necessary to put on the 16 events a year their independent and unpaid Advisory Board created along with other programs that do not fall under their strict guidelines of the VA.

That work includes: outreach with politicians and other groups to advocate for more housing; providing clothing so that a Vet can go into an interview with confidence; finding temporary support in the forms of food, transportation, etc.

However the San Jose Vet Center can take voluntary donations. YOU can sponsor The San Jose Vet Center and support helping those who have served, to return to civilian life!

Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

NO monetary donations should ever be given to anyone claiming to represent Friends of the Vet Center or the San Jose Vet Center itself.

To donate, please make checks payable to and mail to:

VA Palo Alto Health Care System

Accounting Office – for deposit to the account of SJ VET CENTER – GENERAL POST FUND 2412

3801 Miranda Avenue

Palo Alto CA 94304-1290

Please put “SJ VET CENTER – GENERAL POST FUND 2412 (GPA24120)” in your memo section

All donations are tax-deductible.

PLEASE fill out this email form so that we know who you are and your level of support. It is the ONLY way we will know. That way we can get in touch to arrange for your recognition and benefits.

As a reminder, this site is operated by, and paid for NOT from the above fund, but by The Friends of the San Jose Vet Center themselves.

And please remember to ask your employer if they have matching funds.  MANY companies do, and that can double your donation as well as putting the San Jose Vet Center on their radar.

To talk with The Friends of The Vet Center, about how you can help, please use this form, or contact us at 845-300-2170

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If you work for a company or belong to an organization there are other ways you might be able to help.

If you go to those organizations, you may be able to promote employment or internships of veterans, or outreach and networking, sponsorship, etc.

Please look at the sections on BusinessFaith CommunitiesGovernment and Educators, to see how you might be able to approach them for help.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Just give the Friends of The Vet Center 845-300-2170 or send this email form, and we will help you plan your discussion, and if you like, we will go with you to back you up with full details.
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