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KAV recommends that you Go To Your Local Veterans Service Office (VSO).  They get you ALL the compensation, treatment, benefits and services you’ve EARNED for yourself AND your family.  It’s FREE.  Our local VSO files 95% of their claims on line, with 94% approvals in about 6 weeks. Find your VSO using the search, above.

Sometimes the paperwork of filing and appealing VA claims feels overwhelming.

Well, there is Good News.  You don't have to do it!

Whether you need help filing your first VA benefits claim or filing an appeal, the counselors at the your local Veterans Service Office and their network of specialists will use their extensive experience with hundreds of filings to help you get the maximum money, medical and other benefits you've earned.

And, Yes, it is all FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.  Every county in the US has one, with it's staff and help paid for by your county.

You've already paid for your benefits, up front, with your service to our country.  Let them help you get all you've earned.

The even better news is that you don't have to wait for the VA to process your paperwork to get help.
 Even if you can't find your DD214, your local Veterans Service Office can start helping you Right Now!   Click, to see all the issues you've earned help with.
Start living a better life.  Get in touch today.
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