Filing And Appealing VA Claims Can Feel Overwhelming!

There Is Good News: You Don’t Have To Do It Alone!


Veteran Services Offices can help you with compensation/pensions, medical care, military records, educational benefits, family benefits, veteran home loans and more. Basically, everything you EARNED through your service, for both you and your family.  They will even help you obtain missing records and file claims and appeals for you, and follow up, at no cost to you.

We recommend going back every time you have a life change, such as marriage, a child, deciding to get a better job, retirement, etc.  There are constant changes to benefits for every situation and stage of life.  Just like you are an expert in your job, VSO counselors are expert in keeping updated and are ready to talk with you so you and your family get everything you have earned through the sacrifice of your service.

In Santa Clara County 95% of all claims are processed on line, with a 94% first time approval within an average of just six weeks.  Compare that to the huge first time rejection rate and a wait of over a year and a half for people filing via paper, on their own.

The professionals at VSOs are certified by the VA.  They interview you to find out about all your circumstances and your family’s as well.  They know what to say to the VA, and how, to maximize your compensation and treatment options.  And they are FREE.

Some counties may also have dedicated funds to assist you with temporary shelter/utilities, food/health supplies, medical/dental, job placement, counseling, and transportation.


To Find Your VSO Just Go To Our SELF-HELP Page And Put In Your Zip Code.