Did You Say USO or VSO?

  Researched and Written by Know A Vet? We’ve talked with hundreds of Veterans and family members at events and asked if they had gone to their VSO. Almost universally the response was that they had not seen any of the VSO shows.  People had not heard of a VSO and thought we were talking … Read more

Veteran’s Benefits Are Changing! How Are You Affected?

January 5, 2021, a new federal law was enacted that creates change for many veterans. These improvements to the VA system will affect women veterans, surviving spouses, student veterans, homeless veterans, burial benefits, copays, education, retraining, VA institutional changes and other items.  Check with your local VSO for how benefits will change for you and watch our future newsletters for additional information.  Below is the press release issued by the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.  … Read more

Discovering Your Benefits: Utilizing the VSO

The red stamps of “URGENT,” “PAST DUE,” and “FINAL NOTICE” yell at Kim as she sits at the dining room table, flipping through a stack of bills, trying to figure out how they are going to get paid. “Ahhhh!!!!” she yells sweeping the pile of papers onto the floor. Ever since retiring from the Army … Read more

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