Cold Exposure as Combat Injury

    Image Credit: Media Drum World Researched & written by Know A Vet? July 27, 2022, marks the 69th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice Day. This war was fought from June 25, 1950, to July 27, 1953. Active fighting stopped in 1953 but Congress extended the war period to January 31, 1955.  This ... Read more

Help, Hacks, and Hints for Seniors

Researched and written by Know A Vet?. Many “seasoned citizens” have already retired. Some are enjoying the hobbies and things they dreamed of doing when raising their family and building careers. Others have begun second and third acts, perhaps as volunteers or entrepreneurs. Some are suffering with declining health or low income. They may need ... Read more

How to Stretch Your Retirement Dollars

And more tips to help financial security after retirement I sip from the glass of water in front of me, uncomfortable as the only person at the table without a coffee and donut. But prices are up again. I hear the light-hearted retelling of deployment stories and bragging about grandkids. I don’t feel light-hearted. I … Read more

Veteran’s Benefits Are Changing! How Are You Affected?

January 5, 2021, a new federal law was enacted that creates change for many veterans. These improvements to the VA system will affect women veterans, surviving spouses, student veterans, homeless veterans, burial benefits, copays, education, retraining, VA institutional changes and other items.  Check with your local VSO for how benefits will change for you and watch our future newsletters for additional information.  Below is the press release issued by the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.  … Read more

Financial Help for Seniors

Written by Natalie Schroeder, Andrea Bowling, and Esther Abass Researched by Esther Abass and Natalie Schroder I pull on my extra sweater as I look outside and watch the postman walking through the leaves covering the sidewalk. I open the door before he gets up the steps. “Hi, Mr. Sylva how are you doing today?” ... Read more

I Don’t Need Assisted Living!

Am I getting too old to live by myself? This creeps into my thoughts when things are not as easy as they used to be.  I push it back, my mom lived by herself until she was 90.  I have at least 20 years left.  As I am deep in thought my foot hits something … Read more

Act II: Starting A New Career After Retirement

Pulling on my khaki pants, I realize, it has been 48 years since I have been this nervous and excited about starting a new job. I know I should not be this nervous, this is a part time job, and my previous career was a lot more complicated and stressful, I worry if I will ... Read more

Battle of Things

The familiar red numbers of the bedside clock show 5:15am, I lie still for a moment and see if I have any new pain today. Nope no new pain, knee still hurts, back still aches, shoulder is stiff, looks like I am ready for battle. I hear the sheets rustle as I inch my way ... Read more

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