Mission, Purpose & Therapy from Farming

Researched by C. Orlowski & R. MacDougall. Written by R. MacDougall. Do you know that Veterans make good farmers? And that farming can be good for Veterans? Why Veterans make good farmers Arcadia Farm says “years of service have honed their [Veterans] ability to lead; to work independently or as part of a team; to … Read more

PTSD Myths and Realities

Researched by Deborah Spivak & Ruth MacDougall. Written by Ruth MacDougall. Myths connected with PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) can be harmful to those who have it. Myths may prevent PTSD sufferers from seeking help, cause misunderstanding and resentment, and raise fears of being seen as unstable or dangerous. Here are five myths about PTSD … Read more

Sports – More Than Just Fun and Games

Researched by Shannon Wahler. Written by Ruth MacDougall What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘therapy’? Hospitals and doctor’s offices? Waiting rooms and clinics? What about rivers, forests, and golf courses? Studies show that outdoor sports and recreational activities have value as therapy. They can help physical and psychological problems. They can decrease ... Read more

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