Helping Veterans

Not Too Soon to Think About the Holidays

It’s not too soon to start thinking about the winter holiday season. Many organizations have programs that offer holiday help like gifts, food, and decorations to those meeting low-income and other criteria. They start planning early to meet deadlines and provide support for as many as possible. This article presents some of the programs that … Read more

It’s Tough Getting Started

Photo by Connor Kelley from Pexels The word we hear most often, especially from post 9/11 Vets, when we talk of getting to a better life, is “overwhelming”. Veterans Administration (VA) alone has so many sites and so much information that even without adding in all the local resources available for help, we agree it … Read more

Veterans Helping Veterans

  Based on a KAV article by Natalie Schroeder and Andrea Bowling. Researched & written by Ruth MacDougall. For Veterans, help from other Veterans is one of the most valuable sources of help.  This is because Veterans best understand the experiences and challenges of other Veterans. Service members share a strong sense of camaraderie and ... Read more

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