Back In The Basement, And How To Get Out!

Conflicting emotions swirl as I pull into the driveway. Gratitude for having a place to live. Resentment for needing a place to live. My mom’s house. I’d lived here before enlisting. I never thought I’d be back except to visit. Yet, here I am. Finished with military service and needing help making ends meet.  Friends … Read more

How to Stretch Your Retirement Dollars

And more tips to help financial security after retirement I sip from the glass of water in front of me, uncomfortable as the only person at the table without a coffee and donut. But prices are up again. I hear the light-hearted retelling of deployment stories and bragging about grandkids. I don’t feel light-hearted. I … Read more

Secure Your Money Secure Your Future!

I stare at the credit card bill, then look at my bank balance on the screen in front of me. How could this be? Again, I cannot make the minimum payment. My pay shows in the transaction list. Is it the right amount? I don’t know. I’d worked overtime recently, but my pay doesn’t' seem ... Read more

Veteran’s Benefits Are Changing! How Are You Affected?

January 5, 2021, a new federal law was enacted that creates change for many veterans. These improvements to the VA system will affect women veterans, surviving spouses, student veterans, homeless veterans, burial benefits, copays, education, retraining, VA institutional changes and other items.  Check with your local VSO for how benefits will change for you and watch our future newsletters for additional information.  Below is the press release issued by the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.  … Read more

What To Do When You Have Post Holiday Blues

I turn the corner and see more Christmas lights being stuffed in a box and my heart breaks a little more. My steps slow down trying to grasp the last bits of the holidays that remain. Juggling the takeout and keys I finally get my apartment door open. “Hello?” I say to my empty apartment. … Read more

When Family Life Gets Turned Upside Down

Researched and Written by Andrea Bowling What is a family emergency? Your family emergency will be as unique as your family and what you consider an emergency may not be considered an emergency by someone else.  Cake has an article showing the large range of family emergencies click here.  Someday you will receive a call or notification that will make you stomach drop and your world … Read more

Home Sweet Home

Preparing for a Housing Emergency  Researched and Written By Andrea Bowling Whether your home is a sprawling home in North Dakota, or a small studio apartment in New York City, a housing emergency would be stressful to downright devastating.   Housing emergencies range from a broken window to being evicted from your home. The first step in preparing for a housing emergency is understanding legal documents. Some of these include:  Rental and … Read more

Financial Help for Seniors

Written by Natalie Schroeder, Andrea Bowling, and Esther Abass Researched by Esther Abass and Natalie Schroder I pull on my extra sweater as I look outside and watch the postman walking through the leaves covering the sidewalk. I open the door before he gets up the steps. “Hi, Mr. Sylva how are you doing today?” ... Read more

Are You Prepared For A Financial Emergency?

The feeling of dread when you hear your car making a strange noise or sitting in the Emergency Room with your kid and possible broken arm wondering how you are going to pay for the bill that is coming. When you have steady employment, these bumps in the road are stressful but are usually not … Read more

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