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Local Help Know A Vet? presents this information and these national resource directories, not as a recommendation of any specific service or provider, but as a starting point for your own research. Please feel free to use the check sheets Before, During and After the Medical Appointment and Choosing a Medical Service Provider to help you in your … Read more

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October is Agent Orange Awareness Month

Researched & written by C. Orlowski & R. MacDougall. Agent Orange is an herbicide that contains the chemical TCDD, a type of dioxin. This dioxin is highly toxic. Depending on location and conditions, it can stay in the environment over 100 years. It can stay in the human body up to 20 years. It is ... Read more

A Toxic Legacy: The Generational Effects of Agent Orange

1975. That is the year that the Vietnam War ended—almost 50 years ago. A nation was left ravaged. Battles were fought. Millions of lives were lost. Millions more affected forever. During the twenty-year conflict from 1955 to 1975, rest assured that by the end, there were no winners—only losers.     Those fortunate enough to make ... Read more

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