Emergency Preparedness

When Family Life Gets Turned Upside Down

Researched and Written by Andrea Bowling What is a family emergency? Your family emergency will be as unique as your family and what you consider an emergency may not be considered an emergency by someone else.  Cake has an article showing the large range of family emergencies click here.  Someday you will receive a call or notification that will make you stomach drop and your world … Read more

Home Sweet Home

Preparing for a Housing Emergency  Researched and Written By Andrea Bowling Whether your home is a sprawling home in North Dakota, or a small studio apartment in New York City, a housing emergency would be stressful to downright devastating.   Housing emergencies range from a broken window to being evicted from your home. The first step in preparing for a housing emergency is understanding legal documents. Some of these include:  Rental and … Read more

Are You Prepared For A Financial Emergency?

The feeling of dread when you hear your car making a strange noise or sitting in the Emergency Room with your kid and possible broken arm wondering how you are going to pay for the bill that is coming. When you have steady employment, these bumps in the road are stressful but are usually not … Read more

Not If, But When! Preparing for Natural Disasters

The Big Cold One, Twister, Toad Strangler, or Tremblor, are all common names for natural disasters that uproot families, destroy homes and lively hood. No matter what part of the country you live in there is always a season that can bring destruction to your front door. Making sure you are prepared for what type … Read more

Next Steps: Being Prepared at Work and School

You understand your circumstances, you have your pets prepared and you are starting to collect items for your go bag. These are the emergency essentials for you and your family at home, but what is your plan if an emergency happens if you and your family are at work or school? Emergencies that you should ... Read more

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