Bipolar treatment got them back on track

Listen as Veterans describe living with bipolar disorder and finding treatment that works. Racing thoughts, trouble sleeping, and emotional ups and downs sometimes made their lives difficult. With professional support, they discovered ways to manage symptoms and succeed. They encourage other Veterans to take advantage of resources for living well.





Check the “VA on Bipolar Disorder” page for complete descriptions and understand, with answers to questions like:

What is bipolar disorder?

What are the signs of bipolar disorder?

What is the treatment for bipolar disorder?

What can I do if I think I have symptoms of bipolar disorder?

And much more.







A better life is here!

Our SELF-HELP page has 80+ vital services for you. PLEASE - Spread the word. Everyone deserves to know the help they can get at 

Other Resources

In addition to the above, there may be additional Federal, State and Local Government resources for you.  Your counselor, especially if s/he is a VSO counselor should be able to able to help you find them.
Learn more about what it feels like to live a better life.  Go to our "Self-Help page" to begin to explore other issues that can bring you All The Way Home.
Be sure to check out the "Claims and Appeals" topic to maximize your compensation and benefits for yourself and your loved ones.
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