Battle of Things

The familiar red numbers of the bedside clock show 5:15am, I lie still for a moment and see if I have any new pain today. Nope no new pain, knee still hurts, back still aches, shoulder is stiff, looks like I am ready for battle. I hear the sheets rustle as I inch my way out of bed and to the bathroom.  I lean forward to look at myself in the mirror the pain in my back reminds me, that I should take my medicine.  This is an easy win since I have the pharmacist put on the reversible caps.

Time to put my hearing aid in. I wiggle it in, loop it over my ear, and …. nothing. Dang thing! I take it out and know it’s time for new batteries, one point for the Things. I open the case take out the batteries and the battery falls to the bathroom rug. The metal winks up at me as I lean slowly over, nope, my back won’t make it this time, the Things are putting up a fight today. I walk down the hall and get the vacuum with the wand. Walk back to the bathroom, check the nylon stretched over the end and that the rubberbands are secure and turn it on. The vacuum sucks up the battery onto the nylon and I easily pick it off. I am one battle ahead of the Things. A win under my belt, I am feeling more confident as I finish getting ready for the day.

The smell of coffee greets me as I enter the kitchen, I get the chipped mug that sat on my desk for many years at the office. I open the fridge, pick up the creamer, and realize this is a new creamer, the Things are showing up today in full force. The miscellaneous items rattle as I open the junk drawer and pull out the needle nose pliers. I feel the plastic ring compress as I squeeze the pliers and pull off the top on the creamer. Score one for me!

Before my morning walk with friends, I know I need to put on my compression socks.  I know that this will be a battle that I can win.  I am glad that I purchased the aid to get my compression socks on. I sit in the easy chair to slide them on.  The Things do not have a chance today!

After my morning walk, I rest awhile, knowing I want to get the bathroom clean before the Canasta Club comes over this evening. After getting my energy back up, I head down the hall to the guest bathroom and start to clean. I open the shower curtain look at the bathtub and shut the curtain. There is no way that I am going to be able to clean this today. The Things score a point.

Feeling defeated I go to start setting out the snacks for Canasta Club. I look at the Salsa and try to open it, it doesn’t budge. I get the rubber gloves from under the sink pull them on and “POP” the sweet sound of success as the lid comes off.

Just as I finish getting the cups out, I hear the doorbell ring the first of the Canasta Club is here.

We start the first hand, a few ice cube trays sitting in front of a couple of us to hold our cards since our fingers do not work as well as they used to. Between hands Kelly gets up to go the bathroom.

“Do not look at the bathtub, it won today,” I say as joke, inside I cringe hoping they understand.

Conversation turns to how hard it is to clean some things as we wait for Kelly.

“I understand how hard it is to clean the tub, I spray bathroom cleaner in my tub and then take the broom and use that to scrub it and then rinse it out. That has saved my knees and back,” Kelly says sitting back down.

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