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The VA Makes House Calls

  Written by Neil Lichtman – 100% Disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran & Founding Director of Know A Vet?  I’m old enough to remember when doctors would come to the house with their little black bags when you called them. That was before HMO’s and insurance companies got involved and before clinics.  I hope none of you … Read more

The PACT Act is Great. But there is More. So much More!

While I’m sure all you Afghan and Iraqi war Veterans have been reading about all the newly added Presumptive Illnesses in the PACT act, I hope our older Vets didn’t overlook that this act also covers more of their illnesses as well. Before I get to my main point, please let me remind everyone that … Read more

It’s Tough Getting Started

Photo by Connor Kelley from Pexels The word we hear most often, especially from post 9/11 Vets, when we talk of getting to a better life, is “overwhelming”. Veterans Administration (VA) alone has so many sites and so much information that even without adding in all the local resources available for help, we agree it … Read more

What To Do When You Have Post Holiday Blues

I turn the corner and see more Christmas lights being stuffed in a box and my heart breaks a little more. My steps slow down trying to grasp the last bits of the holidays that remain. Juggling the takeout and keys I finally get my apartment door open. “Hello?” I say to my empty apartment. … Read more

How to Keep Loved Ones Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday season is supposed to be a time for relaxing and celebrating with friends and family. The most wonderful time of year can also prove harmful to your health and safety. Christmas trees, candles, holiday decorations, and even the holiday dinner can be threats to your health if you’re not careful. Here’s some safety tips to keep your … Read more

How to Approach and Help Someone with Thoughts of Suicide

One voice is all it could take. One smile. One person to reach out and show that they care. One reason to not extinguish the one and only flame that ignites the soul. One reason to keep living. One voice can have a heavier impact than the weight of the world burdened on someone depressed and suicidal.  Nearly 800,000 people die by … Read more

How to Help Veterans Find Their Way

Written by Andrea Bowling I see the gas needle moving towards the quarter tank mark. I take a breath and pick up the phone to look at the signal. One bar. I pull over and try to call you again. Ring…. Ring…. Crackle…. Ring “Hello? Ryan? Can you hear me?” my dad asks. “Dad I … Read more

When Family Life Gets Turned Upside Down

Researched and Written by Andrea Bowling What is a family emergency? Your family emergency will be as unique as your family and what you consider an emergency may not be considered an emergency by someone else.  Cake has an article showing the large range of family emergencies click here.  Someday you will receive a call or notification that will make you stomach drop and your world … Read more

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