Don’t Let Today’s Troops Be Treated Like We Were!

The volunteer military has it worse than we did.  They are sent back 2, 3, and even 4 times.

Though we weren’t welcomed home, these Post 9/11 kids are less than 1% of the country.  Civilians have no idea what it is like, so the traumas these troops face are even worse.

You Can Help A Post 9/11 Vet!

New vets say it takes at least two years to get back to a stable life.  Not back to their best possible life, just stable.

And that’s the ones who have gotten jobs or gone back to school.

Many of the rest are in real trouble.  It can easily become overwhelming, so they drink, do drugs, and withdraw, not getting help for PTSD or any of the other 60+ issues on our site,

We’re starting an ADVOCATE program, pairing Nam Vets with Post 9/11 Vets to help them get all the services they’ve earned, a lot quicker than we did.

Please click on now, to tell us you’ll come to our information session, next Wednesday, 7PM at the San Jose Vet Center, 80 Great Oaks Blvd, San Jose CA 95119.

No one will twist your arm.  It’s just an open discussion of what we are doing and how we can help recent vets feel the way we wished we did, when we got back.

If you later decide to join us in a one-on-one effort to make a post 911 troop’s life better than we had it, we will train you and support you all the way, even doing your first meetings with you, if you like.

So please click on now, to tell us you’ll come to the info session, at the San Jose Vet Center.

SSG Neil Lichtman

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