Are You A Military Spouse?

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Military spouses are defined by the dictionary as persons whose spouses (wife or husband) are members of the nation’s armed forces.  That sounds so mundane, but they are so much more.  They are the hidden heroes, the military caregivers, and the ones who do whatever is necessary to take care of the family.  They are the ones who keep the home fires burning while their Soldier is deployed, on active duty (AD), on temporary duty (TDY), on temporary additional duty (TAD), on active duty for training (ADT), on annual training (AT)…

The fact that you are nodding your head means you know what each of these absences imply; which makes you unique from your civilian counterparts.

A military spouse is resilient, flexible, innovative, determined, dedicated.  The cheerleader, the sounding board, the confidant.  You stand your ground, you learn to be the jack/jane of all trades.  You have a sense of humor that your civilian friends don’t understand.  You work with what you have, and emergencies are dealt with composure and grit.

You may have to put your career on hold or compromise to work outside of your chosen field to support your spouse’s relocation orders every few years.  You will have to live far away from families and old friends, and learn to quickly make new ones before you have to move again.  You may travel to exotic locations or the middle of nowhere.  You may have to adjust to a new culture or a different language.

Whatever happens, you suck it up and drive on.  You improvise, adapt and overcome.  You take on any task, any place, anywhere.



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