We Need Some Interns
To Make KAV Even Better!

You can boost your resume with real-world experience while helping a vet.
To Volunteer call – 1 833-566-9283 X 702 or use the volunteer form  


  1. Social Media – We have no social media presence, nor crowd funding efforts. Our goal is to reach as many post 9/11 vets as possible to let them know that there is real help with for all the issues at knowavet.org , both within and outside the VA. Let’s cut that 22 vets a day suicide rate!  Timing: This is an ongoing team program – Make your own hours minimum 3 per week.


  1. Website updating – This site needs to be updated to include more links, update content, show our current focus on advocacy, encourage KnowAVet News subscriptions and donations to help veterans. And, it has to grab the attention of vets like yourself. Timing: This is an ongoing team program – Make your own hours minimum 3 per week.


  1. Communications – We want KnowAVet News to go from monthly to weekly. That would allow for more timely issues such as what services are being offered at the Vet Center next week, jobs coming up, events, articles on veteran services and benefits, etc. Timing: This is an ongoing team program that should take about 3 hours a week.


  1. Physical outreach – We have material to go on bulletin board, etc. letting vets know of help. You can join our volunteer ground team and get our material into stores, bars, ERs, kitchens, shelters, etc. Timing: This is an ongoing individual program – Make your own hours minimum 3 per week.


  1. Networking – Reach out to your buddies. Look at the chart under the “Welcome Home” tab and you’ll see that there is no vet who cannot find several issues they can be helped with. Spread the word through your own network that we exist and Free help is available for the asking, including an advocate to get you through the information maze.  Timing: There is no specific timing on this just reach out when you want to help a buddy.


  1. Database Enhancement – Our database has over 12,000 organizations in Silicone Valley with services for veterans. While we have their names, phones, addresses, and websites, we may not have extremely important data such as; hours of operations; contact; requirements; restrictions, etc. You can help with the updates from anyplace with a phone and a computer. Timing: This is an ongoing team program – Make your own hours minimum 3 per week.


KnowAVet News   KnowAVet News is filled with new job postings from vet friendly companies, the latest on presumptive disorders from the VA, so you can get help and compensation, news of vet events scheduled at the San Jose Vet Center and in other places, free courses at accredited colleges, and more.   To start your KnowAVet News subscription go to https://form.jotform.com/81544341484154


Call The Veterans Crisis Line at (800) 273-8255 And Press 1.
Or Send A Text Message To The Veterans Crisis Line At 838255.

They offer free, confidential support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



Call 911
or text HOME to 741741 for whatever support you need. 24/7/365






FIND HELP by yourself or with an advocate, at the TOUCH OF THIS BUTTON









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