NON-Government Help –
Civilian, Community Help

For many reasons about half of all veterans do NOT go to the VA for treatment.  In fact, in many of our colleges in California, half the veteran students don’t even take government money to pay for their college.

We have Good News for all you vets who do Not want to have anything to do with the government, As Well As all you NON-Vets, who need help and want to find local community services, whether free or paid.  

If you go to the home page of this site, and you check off any of the topics you want to find local service providers for, all you need to do is give us your zip code (No name.  No address.  No phone.  No email.), and you will be presented with a list of providers in your area.  

Friends of the Vet Center and Know a Vet do NOT endorse or recommend any of the resources offered in your results.  We offer them to you as potential resources for you to check out, based on your particular circumstances. 

It’s just that simple.  Go ahead try it for you or to research help for a friend or relative.

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